Target Audience

High school, college and university students or product managers, innovation managers, project managers, general employees, decision makers tasked with growth and innovation, pre-incubation stage startups or business units.


Learning Objectives:

The student will be able to apply the principles of customer development and business model generation to move from idea to validating product-market and problem-solution fit. He or she will be able to use a single-page business model canvas to convincingly present a business case. He or she will be able to effectively conduct customer interviews to validate the idea, followed up by building a simple Minimum Viable Product to start measuring and learning and finally prepared to pitch the findings and the business idea to accelerators, investors or internal stakeholders.

The 1, 5 or 12 week program consists of 5 full, 5 half-day and 12 half-day classes respectively with approximately 2, 10 and 20h of hands-on homework between each weekly class. Mentors remain available online (e.g. Skype, mobile, email) to clarify issues that come up in between classes.

Flipped Classroom Approach:
To maximize learning the course uses a flipped classroom approach: short lectures outlining the core concepts during class & lots of self-study and practical, hands-on homework in between classes. Weekly 1/2 day meet-up: Half of the face-time is spent on deep exploration of the core topics a corporate entrepreneur needs to master. (e.g. the Business Model Canvas). The other half is used to peer- review the progress of each participant, mentoring and hands-on practical help with their business idea.

Participants are expected to spend +8 hours per week outside class to get exposed to real market conditions and to talk to real potential customers for unfiltered input.


Outside work

- Video Lectures
- Written Material
- Customer Interviews

- Discussions & Insights
- Lectures
- Accountability
- Feedback

- During Meetups
- Between Meetups



Half-a-day to full day meet-ups on or off-site for one, five or 12 weeks, depending on intensity and depth. Here is an example of a half-day 5 week program agenda:

The instructor will explain the topic of the day through an opening lecture. Teams will be broken up and expected to discuss the respective topic of the day, e.g. customer development, with each other and agree upon a common definition. Afterwards, the Instructor will ask the groups to present their definition and clarify any questions that may exist amongst the class.

Each team will present their current learnings and updated business model canvas with their assumptions and validations. During each presentation, program participants are expected to comment on each other’s presentation, share their insights and offer possible connections to potential customers live using the Peer Review section of the program software.

PEER REVIEW (75 minutes)
The teams will be paired up to discuss the feedback they have received and written in the Peer Review session and ask questions to help strategize their actions for next week and get mentoring from serial entrepreneurs.

The teams will Interview 15 potential customers and update their business model canvas with new assumptions and read additional written and watch additional video material in between meet-ups.


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